April 2: NJ Distribution Center Re-Opened
As planned, SanMar’s New Jersey distribution center has re-opened as of April 2.  All of our distribution centers, including our New Jersey warehouse, are operating with limited staff and adhering to social distancing guidelines. We appreciate your patience and understanding in these challenging times.


March 30: An Update on our Business
As we all go through this COVID-19 crisis together, our priorities are trying to stay healthy and keeping our companies viable at a time when most of our customers aren’t working and the events we sell to are not happening. We wanted to share some steps we are taking at SanMar.

  • Our entire office staff is working remotely 
  • Our distribution center network is currently operating with limited staffing, with the exception of New Jersey, which we currently expect to reopen on April 2. We will do all that we can to remain as operational as possible, respect local and state regulations, practice suggested distancing and other recommended health measures in all operating buildings. Please check www.sanmar.com for any distribution center closures or disruptions.
  • We have worked with our banks to fully draw our line of credit, giving us the resources we need to weather a long economic downturn.
  • We have cut expenses wherever we can, including delaying the launch of our 2021 Apparel, Bags and Caps Catalog.
  • Our goal is to keep everyone at SanMar employed. That being said, we have had to cut hours significantly for our hourly employees and our salaried employees are all taking significant pay cuts. Jeremy Lott has cut his salary to $1 and has pledged to keep it there until the team’s salaries and hours are able to go back up.

On a positive note, we are honored to be part of a consortium of American textile companies, many in our industry, including Hanesbrands and Fruit of the Loom, to produce protective masks. Designed in coordination with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, these masks will be distributed as part of the Federal government’s efforts to fight COVID-19. There is obviously a terrible shortage of protective supplies and SanMar is working hard to retool factories in order to ramp up to ten million protective masks per week to support these efforts. To say this has been a massive undertaking would not do it justice.

We have created a website with tools and resources to help you with your business as we all navigate these uncertain times: www.education.sanmar.com/covid-19-resources. We have also created a recap of the CARES Act that was passed by the Senate on March 25, to help you find any assistance the government may be providing:www.sanmar.com/caresact.

The next few weeks and months will be hard. Our only chance is to get through this together. We are here for you.


March 30: Information about the Recently Passed CARES Act
On March 25, the Senate passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act or the ‘‘CARES Act.’’ Of course, every business will need to determine what applies to their specific situation and there may be additional sections or grants that may apply that are not listed here (at nearly 900-pages, the bill is a big one). Here is a brief recap on sections of the Act that may benefit many of our customers: https://www.sanmar.com/caresact 


March 29: Tools and Resources to Help You Manage this Crisis
Business is not running as usual right now. From small shops to large organizations, we are all having to think outside the box, embrace new technologies and reach out to different customers. We are here to help. Our team has created an online resource filled with articles, videos, pre-built flyers, social media imagery and more to help you continue to build your business while we navigate this challenging time. We will continue to add content over the coming weeks: http://www.education.sanmar.com/covid-19-resources


March 23: Temporary Closure of NJ Distribution Center
After listening to the recommendations of our state and local officials, and to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus, we have decided to temporarily close our New Jersey Distribution Center from March 24 through April 1. We realize the impact a closure may have on our employees and we are doing everything we can to support them and keep them employed. SanMar is doing everything possible to continue to serve your business needs and to that end our other distribution centers are still operating.


March 20: Curbside Pickup for Will Call Orders
Picking up a will call order? We'll bring it to your car! Simply call the phone number for the distribution center (below) and a SanMar team member will bring your products to you.

• Cincinnati, OH: 513.682.7023
• Dallas, TX: 972.659.8080, ext. 8066 or 8076
• Jacksonville, FL: 904.765.7303, ext. 7313
• Minneapolis, MN: 612.224.3816
• Phoenix, AZ: 480.214.6201
• Preston, WA: 206.727.3200, ext. 5454
• Reno, NV: 775.358.7710, ext. 7722
• Robbinsville, NJ: 609.259.7430, ext. 7441 (Temporarily closed through April 1)


March 18: Shipping to a Decorator?
If you are shipping product to a decorator, please check to make sure they are currently open and accepting new orders.

March 16: Tradeshow Attendance

Due to concerns around COVID-19, SanMar will not be attending any tradeshows through May 01.


We're here to help.
Read a message from Jeremy and Marty Lott.