Upload your own Logo

 Select transparency threshold
The size of the logo file must be less than 2 megabytes (2097152 bytes).
Logo files larger than 2 megabytes will not be uploaded.
To upload a logo -
  • Click the Browse button to open the Choose file dialog box.
  • Choose the image file you want to upload and click the Open button. (These image formats are acceptable: jpeg, gif, png, tiff, eps, bmp.)
  • Enter desired transparency threshold value. (See note on Transparency Threshold below for more information.)
  • Click the Upload button.
  • You can adjust the logo size, placement and rotation as well as color once the upload is done by clicking the Logo tab below the product image and pointing your mouse to the logo to call the Design wheel. (See note on Design Wheel below.)

Transparency Threshold -
    Ideally uploaded logos must have a transparent background. If your logo does not have this property you can optionally have its background be made transparent provided it is white (or 'near' white) by entering a tansparency threshold value. A threshold value of 0 will make transparent all pixels with RGB values where the R, G, and B components are all exactly 255, i.e., only white pixels will be transparent. On the other hand, a non-zero value, say N, will make transparent all pixels with RGB values where the R, G, and B components have values from (255-N) to 255, i.e., white as well as 'near' white pixels will be transparent.

Design Wheel -
  • Roll over the logo or text object and a Design Wheel will be displayed. Click and drag on the Drag button in the center of the wheel to move the logo around.
  • Move your mouse to the Rotate ring and click and drag to rotate the logo around the center point.
  • Move your mouse down to the Resize Ring and click and drag up and down to scale the logo larger and smaller.
  • Move your mouse out to the Color Ring and select a color to colorize your logo or text. Once the logo is colorized, you can click the square with the red bar in the 12 o'clock position to reset to the original coloring.
  • Move down to the delete button to remove the logo or text. The logo can be reset by clicking the logo that is in the logo tray.
  • Text can be added to the image by clicking the Text tab and entering a single line of text in the check box. Choose a font from the list and click the Add Text button. The text can be moved, rotated and colored using the Design Wheel.