Decoration Spec Sheet
L502 CLOSEOUT Port Authority® Ladies Silk Touch™ Piped Polo
Front Decoration Dimensions
COL Collar Left 1"H x 2"W
COR Collar Right 1"H x 2"W
LB Left Bottom 3"H x 3"W
LC Left Chest 4"H x 4" W Primary
RB Right Bottom 3"H x 3"W
RC Right Chest 4"H x 4" W
Back Decoration Dimensions
BA Back 14"H x 12"W
BB Back Bottom 6"H x 12"W
COBC Collar Back 1"H x 4"W
UB Upper Back 4"H x 4"W
Sleeve Decoration Dimensions
LS Left Shoulder 3"H x 3"W
RS Right Shoulder 3"H x 3"W
Decoration range is dependent on product, decoration method and equipment used. Allow for 1/8” per size. Sizing is based off: Adult–L, Women’s–M, Youth–L, Girls–M. Please consult with your decorator or supplier.
Please consult with your decorator, distributor or supplier for further information. For any questions, please email