Decoration Spec Sheet
K100LS Port Authority® Long Sleeve Core Classic Pique Polo
Front Decoration Dimensions
COL Collar Left 1”H x 4”W
COR Collar Right 1”H x 4”W
LB Left Bottom 4"H x 4" W
LC Left Chest 4"H x 4" W Primary
RB Right Bottom 4"H x 4" W
RC Right Chest 4"H x 4" W
Back Decoration Dimensions
BA Back 20"H x 14"W
BB Back Bottom 6"H x 14"W
COBC Collar Back 1"H x 4"W
UB Upper Back 4”H x 12”W
Sleeve Decoration Dimensions
FSL Full Sleeve Left 4"H x 20"W
FSR Full Sleeve Right 4"H x 20"W
LS Left Shoulder 4"H x 4"W
LW Left Wrist 3"H x 3"W
RS Right Shoulder 4"H x 4"W
RW Right Wrist 3"H x 3"W
Decoration area is dependent on garment size, decoration method and the equipment being used. Please consult your decorator or supplier.

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Essential Product Information

Due to the nature of cotton/polyester blends, special care must be taken throughout the decoration process when heat is applied for curing. Please consult with your decorator or material supplier.

Tips From Our Experts By Decoration Technique


Embroidery is the art of embellishing a piece of apparel with a needle and thread or yarn creating stunning visual representations of various types of art. This is achieved by converting logos in a digitizing software and using various stitch patterns, angles, density and stitch types to create depth, movement and detail. Thread can be made from many materials. The most commonly used threads are polyester and rayon. There are also options such as metallic, cotton, nylon, silk and even Nomex thread for fire resistance. Embroidery has a very high-perceived value and is popular for use on most apparel, bags, hats, luggage, blankets and more!

For best results on a Pique fabric, a Ball Point needle is recommended.
Screen Printing

An imprinting method in which the image is transferred to the fabric. Ink is squeegeed through a stenciled screen stretched over a frame and then cured in a dryer.

Grey or Black Bleed Blocker; Low Cure Poly Inks; 100% Poly, Blends, and Pigment Dye: Avoid hot stacking and catch bins.; *Please consult with your decorator, equipment, and consumable supplier.*
Heat Transfers

A graphic, name and or number applied to a textile with a heat press. Great for quantities of any size, sports name and numbering, fashion, performance wear, print on demand programs and on-site decorating events.

Bleed Blocker; Low Temp; 100% Poly, Blends, and Pigment Dye: Avoid hot stacking; *Please consult with your decorator, equipment, and consumable supplier.*
Pad Printing

Pad printing uses a soft silicone pad to transfer an image taken from a plate etched with a reversed logo, similar to a rubber stamp. Images can be very small and detailed and can be up to 5½ inches in diameter. Pad printers are capable of printing up to six colors, however most industry printers use one to two colors at most when printing on apparel. Pad printing is a popular trend for tagless label printing. The prints are soft, durable and capable of high and low volume production. Pad printing is great for sling bags, totes and other items that are difficult to decorate, as well as styles that are heat sensitive.

Please consult with your decorator, consumables and equipment suppliers or reach out to for further information.